Best iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch apps for psychology students

The iPhone is much more than just a phone – it’s a powerful mobile computing platform which has completely changed the way  we interact with our mobile devices. If you’re a student who has one (or an iPod touch, or even an iPad, you lucky, lucky thing) there are many ways you can use it to make your life easier.

Mendeley. If you use Mendeley (and if you’re any kind of student and you don’t use it, or something like it, then you’re basically nuts) then a download of their free app is a must. The app connects to your online library of references and allows you full access to any PDFs you’ve synced to their servers for download and reading. You can sync papers to your library using the desktop version and read them later on your iPhone or iPad. Sweet. And it’s free!

Evernote. Evernote is an awesome way of keeping track of… well… everything really. You can sign up for an account on their website and you then get an online storage locker for notes, webpage clips, audio, video, pictures – anything! Stuff can be organised into notebooks, so if you find a load of good material for say a presentation (some pdfs, some websites, some pictures) you can save it all in the same folder for when you’re working on it later. Installing their browser extension for Chrome and Firefox makes it easy to clip things you find on the net to your evernote notebooks, and then access it all using the iPhone app later as well. Free as well.

BrainTutor 3D. I’ve blogged about BrainTutor before, but the iPhone version is definitely worth a download – has all the essential features of the desktop version and uses the iPhone’s graphical and multi-touch interface beautifully. You can browse MRI images of the brain by lobes, gyri, sulci and Brodmann areas. The iPhone version is free, but the HD iPad version costs  $1.99, but includes some additional features (like browsing by functional areas). A brilliant tool for learning about the brain.

3D Brain. Another brain app from the guys at the Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory. Nice cartoon-like 3D renders of the human brain, which also allows you to highlight specific regions, and gives a lot of info about each area, as well as references to key studies and internet links – awesome stuff. Also free!

StudyPsych: EPPP Flash Card Set. There are quite a few apps out there which claim to be psychology study aids, but this one appears to be one of the best. It’s quite expensive ($29.99 for the full set, although you can buy specific topics for less) but contains a lot of good study information.

APA journals An RSS-aggregator app which contains feeds from all the journals published by the American Psychological Association. Good for keeping you up-to-date with the latest research. Free.

Google reader for iPhone Not so much an app, as an iPhone optimised version of the Google reader web-service. Definitely one of the best ways of keeping up with all the blogs you like while you’re out and about. I’ll be covering some good psychology blogs in a later post! Free.

There’s a ton of other apps out there that are psychology related, or claim to be – many of them are free, so try some of them out! If you find some particularly good (or bad) ones, let me know in the comments section and I’ll check them out.



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  1. I’ve started playing around with an app called Novopsych. Has a few good tests in it and does test calculations. Pretty cool, especially of they keep adding tests.

  2. the novopsych psychometrics app is good. It allows you to give psychological tests for depression and anxiety and more via the ipad. check out

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