More on e-textbooks, plus Cognopedia

A very small update just to point interested readers to a few things I’ve found recently.

Firstly, you may recall me blogging about e-textbooks for students previously, here and here. have just published a couple of articles relevant to this topic. Firstly, they have an opinion piece here which unfortunately comes to the conclusion that publishers are failing to drive along the adoption of e-textbooks at the moment. Interestingly it mentions that many students are already pirating textbooks (downloading them from torrent sites, etc.). Yet another example of how traditional media companies are always behind the curve when it comes to new technology, which forces users to seek illegal routes for what they want to do. The other piece (here) is a run-down of the major pieces of e-reader (e.g. the Amazon Kindle) and tablet (e.g. Apple’s iPad) hardware available at the moment – a nice piece as it compares both classes of device side-by-side.

The other tender morsel which I shall try and tempt your jaded mouse-finger with today is a site called Cognopedia, which is essentially a wiki-like site, but entirely focussed on the brain. Seems to have a lot of good information, and a lot of good embedded videos and multimedia on various topics. Worth checking out. Credit for bringing this to my attention goes to the never-less-than-excellent Mo Costandi (follow him on Twitter: @mocost) and also the relentlessly sublime BPS research digest (here). If you’re a psychology student or a psychologist and you don’t already subscribe to the BPS research digest blog, then you are definitely, definitely missing out.


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