The iPad and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for Social Anxiety

The iPad - not totally useless after all, apparently

My lovely wife has just found a new use for her iPad in the course of her clinical work using cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). One of the techniques she uses for socially anxious clients is video recording them giving short presentations. Before giving the talk they generally believe that they will perform very badly, but when they view the video afterwards they’re usually pleasantly surprised by their performance. This technique was first proposed in this paper, and (I’m told) is pretty effective at convincing such clients that sometimes their own predictions of how they’ll perform in a given situation can be inaccurate and negatively biased.

Anyway, she used to do this by lugging along a video-camera, a tripod, and a laptop to her therapy sessions, video-ing the presentation using the camera and tripod, then connecting the camera to the laptop in order to let the client view the video on the larger screen. But, since she got an iPad she just props it up in the corner of the room, shoots a video using the built-in camera on the back (it’s not a great camera, but it’s definitely good enough) and when the client needs to see it, all she has to do is flip the iPad over and hit the play button. Simple, elegant, and all that’s required is the iPad itself. This is definitely the best use I’ve ever heard of for an iPad – perhaps they’re not just expensive toys after all? ;o)



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  1. That can be a great tool for those who fear looking anxious. For those without an iPad, most digital cameras can also take videos.

  2. Thanks for the comment Dave. True about digital cameras, but the great thing about the iPad is that it allows instant playback on a big(ish) screen without having to download any clips on to a laptop or anything.

  3. This is another example of how technology can help us in our battle against anxiety. Great article, thanks for sharing.

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