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Buying some new gadgets for college? Engadget has you covered.

So, it’s the time of year when A-level results come out (in the UK, anyway) and students’ thoughts fondly turn to the start of the college/University year in October when they can finally experience some spatial (if perhaps not financial) independence from their parents. And these days, if you aren’t already fully equipped with all the tools necessary to make a success of your time at University then it’s time to start smiling sweetly at Mum and Dad to make sure they’ll give you what you need in time for the start of term. And by ‘tools’ I mean technology, not a six-foot bong and a jumbo-pack of prophylactics.*

Fortunately, Engadget has you covered for all your gadget-related decisions with their excellent annual back-to-school guides. These are short reviews of the top picks by the editors at Engadget in a variety of categories of gadgets/technology such as laptops, digital cameras and electronic readers. Useful stuff if you’re pondering a new purchase to get you through the school year, and there’ll be more to come in the next few weeks so keep checking Engadget.


*Though, those wouldn’t hurt as well.

How to Google yourself – an infographic

I previously posted a really helpful infographic on how to use Google effectively to find information, and the creators of that one have just put up a new one, titled ‘The Google Yourself Challenge’. I’m sure we’ve all at one time or another guiltily probed the internet with our own name in order to see what’s out there, but managing our online identity is something we should all take seriously these days, particularly if we’re looking for a job or applying for post-graduate positions, and it can be really helpful to see what’s out there about yourself. You can see the original page with the infographic here but I’ve also reproduced it below (clicky for bigness):