Video tutorial on designing and running psychology experiments using PsychoPy

PsychoPy is something which I’ve been meaning to write something substantive on for a while. Briefly though, it’s a system for designing and running experiments, programmed in the Python language, with a nice GUI front-end to it. I’ve only flirted with it briefly, but the open-source and cross-platform nature of it makes it a very attractive package for programming experiments, in my opinion. If I was learning this stuff for the first time, it’s definitely the system I’d use.

The purpose of this post was just to publicise a YouTube video, put up by the creator of PsychoPy – Jon Peirce, of Nottingham University. The video is a great little starter-tutorial for PsychoPy and gently walks the viewer through creating a simple experiment – great stuff.

Happy experimenting! Here’s the vid:


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  1. Hi Matt. Yes, PsychoPy is a great software and I already used it for my researches.

    About open source softwares for creating psychological experiments, Open Sesame is another great resource. It is based on Python language, like PsychoPy, but the GUI is more powerful. Open Sesame, however, also allows scripting language (necessary when one has to build more complex experiments) and is backend independent. The user can build his own paradigm choosing from various backend: Psycho (based on PsychoPy, which ensures a great temporal precision), Legacy (based on PyGame) and Xpyriment (based on Expyriment). Here is the site of the project.



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