Some new bits of stats software and some miscellaneous links

the-linksHi kids. Two new pieces of stats/plotting software for you, plus some other stuff.

First up is a new (to me, anyway) scientific plotting package called Veusz. It’s written in Python, is completely free and open-source, works with any OS, and basically looks pretty useful. I’ve been using Prism for a while now, but I’ll definitely try out Veusz next time I need to do some plotting – would prefer to use something open-source.

The new statistics software is called Wizard, and is unfortunately a paid application, and just developed for Macs. If you’re dissatisfied with SPSS (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?) it might be worth the $79 price though. Haven’t tried it out yet personally, but it looks really, really nice in terms of the interface, and seems fairly comprehensive in terms of features as well. Definitely one to think about for Mac users.

Next up is a new reference manager called Paperpile. I’m a big fan of Mendeley, but some of Paperpile’s features are pretty attractive – it lives as a Chrome extension, and uses Google Drive for online storage of the PDFs. Pretty nice. Unfortunately it’s still in a private Beta phase and will cost $29/per year when it’s released.

I was thinking about a new web-page recently, and solicited opinions for which was the current best build-me-a-free-website service. The extremely helpful @Nonmonotonix suggested using Github Pages to both design and host sites – looks like an excellent system. He even wrote a set of instructions on his blog here, for how to get started with Github pages. Another good suggestion was something called Bootstrap, which has the promising tagline “By nerds, for nerds.”

Lastly, a couple of packages for neuroimagers. I’ve just been made aware of a really good collaborative, open-source software project for the analysis of EEG/MEG data – called BrainStorm. Looks like a very capable suite of tools. I’ve also just come across the PyMVPA project, which does exactly what it says on the tin – Multivariate Pattern Analysis in Python. Nice.

All of these links, and many, many more can of course be found on my newly-updated Links page.



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  1. Good Effort.Keep it up.thanks

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